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We offer the following valuation services:

  • Valuation Reports and Investment Appraisals for Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords to advise on land acquisition prices, market value of proposed housing (including off-plan) and rental advice for affordable rent

  • Valuation for the Right to Buy, Right to Acquire and Staircasing

  • Valuation of commercial property to assist clients private pension fund administrators for transfer of property and setting of rents

  • Valuation for calculation of Inheritance Tax and application of Probate

  • Valuation for calculation of Capital Gains Tax

  • Valuation of assets in contemplation of a disposal

  • Valuation of Charity Assets in Accordance with the requirements of The Charities Act 2022

Condition Surveys for Leases

Where tenants are considering leasing commercial properties, particularly older generation buildings, there is significant potential to fall into the trap of being responsible for rectifying pre-existing defects once the lease is signed. To limit exposure to dilapidations claims made by landlords at the expiry of a lease, it is advisable for tenants to commission a 'schedule of condition for attachment to lease' which qualifies the repair standard in which the property should be returned to the landlord when the lease is ended. This may mitigate excessive landlord claims and reduce tenant costs.

Landlord and Tenant Advice

A lease is the governing document in the relationship between a landlord and tenant. It is crucial that the terms forming part of any lease fairly reflect the interests of the parties in relation to their obligations to a property. We have over thirty years experience in negotiating lease terms for both landlords and tenants, and resolving disputes where leases are already in existence.

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