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We are chartered surveyors with over thirty years experience in the property industry. We are specialists in providing quinquennial condition reports of Churches and Chapels constructed within the last three hundred years. We provide a thorough detailed service into the condition of places of worship, with care taken to highlight fire and other safety hazards that require further investigation. We have established excellent, long-term relationships with many Methodist Church Circuits and United Reformed Church Synod. 


References can be supplied along with a copy of a sample report. We have also prepared a series of Information Papers outlining commonly found defects which may be of benefit to Church Stewards with responsibility for buildings maintenance. Many of the older churches and chapels are subject to age related defects which if addressed early can save significant costs later, and in other cases avoid safety hazards. Our service also extends to Manses and housing.


At the end of our inspections, we are happy to meet with stewards and summarise our findings whilst still on site. This can be a very useful practical exercise in advance of receiving our written reports.

We have developed a practical jargon-free reporting style which focuses clearly on identifying defects and advising on actions to take, assisted by photographs, priority ratings and approximate budgeting where this is possible. 

Stephen Barlow, BSc MRICS has prepared four information papers addressing common defects and issues arising from his inspections of churches and chapels. These may benefit property stewards and those involved in church repairs. Please feel free to download the PDF files for your use.

Quinquennial Information Paper 1 - Common Defects in Victorian Churches
Quinquennial Information Paper 2 - Roof Voids in Victorian Churches
Quinquennial Information Paper 3 - Damp in Churches & Chapels
Quinquennial Information Paper 4 - Lime Mortars and Plasters

We provide aerial photography for capturing features of larger/more complex church structures using a drone.

We are fully insured for drone operation.

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